Woman's Dream Shoe Spinner


A Woman's Dream Shoe Spinner is the only revolving shoe & accessory storage unit of its kind.

This spinner has the capacity to hold as many as 100-200 pairs of shoes depending on the size of the shoe.

A Woman's Dream makes it easy and convenient to store all your favorite shoes and accessories, allowing you to mix and match your attire and  select the correct item at a glance while you revolve it smoothly, quietly.

A Woman's Dream is available in two standard heights to fit most walk-in closets.

A Woman's Dream is also great for areas where space is limited, such as lofts and condos.

Originally offered only in conjunction with custom closet installations, A Woman's Dream is now available for easy at-home installation.

These beautiful units are crafted by us as the Lazy Lee® licensed manufacturer in United States and a round the world.

The standard heights of this unit is 84.25" and 91.50" and the diameter of the unit is 38.50" which requires the floor space of 40" x 40" in a corner or out in the open.


Lazy Lee® Revolving Shoe Spinner

Assembled System Dimensions:
40" wide x 14" deep x 84.25" or 92.75"  high*

  • Freely revolves around presenting each of the four sides consisting of the Adjustable rectangular shelves and the fixed Half-Moon shelves
  • Two rectangular shelving sections back to back
  • The rectangular shelves measures 22.875” wide x 14” deep
  • 16 total shelves included, of which 12 are adjustable
  • Half-Moon Shelves
  • The Half-Moon Shelves are 28.25" wide and 6.25" deep
  • A total of 8 fixed Half-Moon shelves on each end, making a total of 16 Half-Moon shelves
  • Assembled Dimensions (HxWxD):
  • 84.25” x 40” x 40” OR 92.75 x 40" x 40"
  • Additional adjustable and Half-Moon shelves are available for a customization of the unit.
  • Shipping weight: 450 lbs. (205 kg)
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