The Petite Closet Spinner - A Slim Solution to a Large Problem

Closet Spinner B

For small closets, where you are hunting for innovative ideas of "Creating Storage Space", the Petite Closet Spinner is a very economical and solution friendly unit.

This unit is very slim, and yet affords to give you 16 shelves to store your shoes or folded clothing, with the available use of one side for a mirror and the other side for attaching a tie rack, a belt hanger, scarf hooks, hats hanging, or dangle shoulder strap purses.

With a width of 27.5 inches, this slim unit only occupies 29 inches square area, smoothly revolves and crates a lot of storage space.

A slightly larger version is also available in 29 inch size, occupying a mere 30.5 inches square area. You will be surprised what a few inches of storage means in a cramped and stocked closet.

Petite Closet Spinner

$715 for White
  • 16 Rectangular shelves measuring 8.875 X 18 Inches - 12 Adjustable, 4 Fixed.
  • Standard Color - White - Available in Almond, Grey and Cocoa.
  • 84.25 Inches High on a 1.50 inch ROTAS Bearing Assembly - Final Height 85.50 Inches.
  • Available in 91.50 Inches High on a 1.5 inch ROTAS Bearing Assembly - Final Height 92.75 Inches.

Closet Spinner A
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