Boutique Series - Multi-Purpose Revolving Solution


The Boutique Multi-Purpose unit is a Multi-Solution Unit. It works in a variety of locations:

  • In the Kitchen - as an in-wall installation with optional doors. This unit fits within the width of the counter depth when the doors are closed.
  • In the Pantry - with the myriad of different storage options, this unit will accommodate from large cereal boxes to small spice bottles.
  • In the Laundry Room - where a lot of dangerous and caustic chemicals can be stored out-of-reach of the little ones, and affording to offer a massive storage capacity with various "Solution Centers"
  • In the Drop Zone - where this unit can hold a variety of items from car keys to shoe-polish, shoes and accessories that you need at hand near the garage door.
  • In the Closet - holding a variety of items, from jewelry tray drawers, to shoe cubbies and other difficult to store items.
  • In the Garage - the Multi-Purpose is a small solution to a large "Space-Starved" Garage which quickly will become the "Hold-All" centre for items that were difficult to house within the home, and yet difficult to store in the Garage.

As this unit is customizable to your specific needs, the following treatments are available to be applied to this unit.

  • Shoe Cubbies station offering 5 slots per layer. one or many layers may be chosen
  • Shelves Drop Zone areas
  • Mirror Wall option with the removal of one side of Half-Moon Shelving
  • Drawers - 12 inch deep and 6 inches high, one or many may be chosen
  • "X" Slot Station Giving a Huge Large-to-Small item storage.
  • Doors with shelves - with 8 vertical sections of the unit, doors may be added to 2, 3 or 4 sections.
  • Middle-Partition between the two rectangular storage areas may be moved off the centre for drawers, shelves etc.

The Botique Multi Purpose Unit

From $1,110
  • Optional Design solutions available
  • 84.25 Inches High on a 1.50 Inch ROTAS Bearing Assembly - Final Height 85.50 Inches
  • Also available in Almond, Grey and Cocoa colors.
  • 91.5 Inches High on a 1.50 Inch ROTAS Bearing Assembly - Final Height 92.75 Inches also available

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