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The Spinning Closet

Introducing the Spinning Closet By Lazy Lee

What Is This?

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What You Get

On Purchase, we will ship you the Spinning Closet in a flat pack package. The packing will include all the panels and mechanism to assemble your Spinning Closet, with links to video assembly Instructions.

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Life Long System

The Spinning Closet is manufactured with the patented Lock Dowel hidden fasteners that you can assemble and disassemble whenever you wish, making the Spinning Closet your "Furniture" that moves with you when you move to another home.

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Affordable to Purchase

Available in a variety of sizes and formats. Can be used in the walk-in closets, the reach-in closets, the pantry and the garage. Also available in free-standing versions that becomes a closet-in-the-corner when you don't have a closet or are looking for additional storage space.

Available with shelves, hanging areas, drawers, and basket arrangements.

Easy To Assemble

The only tool you need is a mallet to assemble and install the Spinning Closet. With links to a full video showing exactly how to install the unit in any location you please.

As you move, this can be disassembled and reassembled to your new location.

Easy To Use

No Expertise Required.

Colour Coded

Just Match the Color-Coded Labels and slide.

Video Instructions

A fully detailed video instruction movie assists you in the assembly of the Spinning Closet.

Full Support

If you run into any problems, we have our engineers and support staff able to assist and guide you through the proper assembly and installation

Ready to find out more? Contact us today

Contact us today to see the full range of available units that you may integrate into your storage spaces.

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