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Base Cabinet With 3" Toe Useable: Inches
Adjustable Shelves 0
Shoe Shelves 0
38" Half Hang 0
52" Medium Hang 0
60" Long Hang 0
3 Inch Drawers 0
4 Inch Drawers 0
5 Inch Drawers 0
6 Inch Drawers 0
7 Inch Drawers 0
8 Inch Drawers 0
9 Inch Drawers 0
10 Inch Drawers 0
1/2 Height Doors 0
Full Height Doors 0
Price: 0 Space Avail: Inches
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All Cabinets have matching edgebanding, with a 5-hole adjustment per adjustable shelf. All door-hinges are soft close and all drawer glides are under-mount soft close. All Drawers and doors will have a 3.75” Nickel round Pull as standard. The drawers have a 1/8” MDF White/Almond drawer base, and are shipped as “Flat-Pack” and can be assembled without any tools, glue or fasteners. For any special requests, please mention this in the “Notes” Field. All units are supplied with a wall hanger rail and easy to assemble fasteners. If Baseboards cutouts are required, please mark the height and width of the baseboards above, otherwise the cabinets will not have the Baseboard notching.