The Petite Pantry - All Shelves


The Petite Pantry - All Shelves

$ 870 for White also available in 92.75 Inches high for $80 more.
  • 84.25 Inches High on a 1.50 Inch ROTAS Bearing Assembly - Final Height 85.50 Inches
  • 16 Rectangular shelves measuring 8.875 X 18 Inches - 12 Adjustable, 4 Fixed.
  • 16 Half-Moon shelves measuring 3.25 X 17.875 inches - All 16 Fixed.
  • 12 Shelf Rails for the Half-Moon Shelves
  • Also available in Almond, Grey and Cocoa colors.

The Petite Series

The Petite Star of the Kitchen & Pantry - The Pantry allows hundreds of items to be stored and organized on this version of the Lazy Lee Revolving Closet Systems.

The traditional "Corner Shelves" in Pantries are very common. These corner solutions provide a fairly deep shelf. With 12 inch shelving on the walls, creates a corner shelf that is 17 inches deep. That is almost 50% more deeper than the 12 inch shelves that are surrounding this "Corner Enhancement".

Most pantries that have this corner shelving treatment become a "Catch All" corner as the shelf is quite deep and the homeowner tries to take ample advantage of the corner and its capacity.

Unfortunately, except for shelves above the waist-level, and below the eye-level are the most crowded as they are easy to view and there is no need to reach above the eye-line, or stoop below the waist-level.

Therefore the viewable shelves have a lot of items stored, traditionally the taller items to the back and the smaller items to the front. It is common for the front placed smaller items to drop to the floor when trying to retrieve the larger items from the back. It is often that the smaller items drop to break or shatter causing concern towards safety and loss of product.

With the availability of the Petite Pantry by Lazy Lee, a genius solution of dividing the deep corner in to a two stage storage system, by placing a revolving pantry in its place.

All of a sudden, all items from above  the eye-line to below the waist-line come in to clear view and there is no "Layering" of products from the front to the back. Ease of storage, retrieval, and safety are easily experienced using the Petite Pantry in place of the corner shelving.

The Petite Pantry features 4 sides of storage, ideal for staples, canned goods, spices and other small items. The Half-Moon shelves are great for small items that enables to locate and retrieve the items and just as easily place them back in their place.

The Petite Pantry is a beautifully crafted furniture item that can be disassembled and carried to your next home or house and just as easily be reassembled.  

This model allows you to gain 8 square feet of storage in 5 square feet of space. The Petite Revolving Pantry  will more than double your kitchen storage, easy retrieval re-storing of your products, making the chores of the kitchen less cumbersome making the tasks of cooking a more enjoyable experience

Standard height is 84.25" and needs a 29" x 29" corner. Standard version arrives with 16 Rectangular Shelves and 16 Half-Moon shelves. The Half-Moon shelves are dressed with a chrome rail that holds your "Petite" items in their place.



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